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Litterpicks & Village Clinics


Twice a year we have a communal Village Litterpick. We love where we live and this is an opportunity for us all to help keep it clean, preventing pollution and protecting wildlife from dangerous or excessive debris. East Horsley Parish Council provide tabards, gloves and litter pickers. Seeing the black bin liners piled up at the end of the morning make it all worthwhile.

The assembly points are in front of the Parish Council Noticeboards at Station Parade, Bishopsmead Parade and Effingham Junction Mini Mart from 10am - 12noon

Please come along if you can help in any way, however small.

If there is any particular area in the village over which you have concerns about litter, please contact the Parish Clerk, 01483 281148, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The next Litterpick date: 19 March 2022

Vision 33 - Village Conversations

The Task Group, Vision33 - the future of East Horsley, will be holding Village Conversations to discuss major issues for the village's future.

The remit of the Parish Council is to listen and where appropriate pass your concerns to the relevant departments at GBC and SCC. If you have any concerns please contact Nick Clemens 01483 281148.