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Station Parade Refurbishment Scheme

EHPC HAS REACHED a preliminary agreement with Surrey Highways for a range of refurbishments to the eastern section of the Station Parade shopping area. As shown in the Illustrated Plan, the main changes being proposed are:

a)  A widening of the main access road to allow two-way traffic flow, combined with a full re-surfacing and levelling of the access slope;

b)  The parking zone is to be resurfaced with a hard-wearing material such as coloured fine milled concrete;

c)  The main pavement area is to be re-surfaced with high quality slabs or blocks;

d)  The protruding disability ramps are to be replaced with a single raised table, allowing a continuous level surface for wheelchairs between the zebra crossing and the shops. 

Following our Conversation Event held in June 2019, a range of possible improvement schemes were assessed by parish councillors and discussed with Surrey Highways. Eventually we decided to retain the basic configuration of the parking area – seen as so important for the commercial viability of the retail outlets. Frequent use of the grass area during the pandemic also highlighted the important role of this green space in giving a sense of community to this central location.

The plan shows the basic refurbishment works proposed. Further details will be added or adjustments made as detailed specifications are further developed by Surrey Highways.

Funding for this work is expected to come from developer contributions for two of the Local Plan sites. Timing will therefore depend upon the project start dates, although we’re hopeful this refurbishment work will be done within the next 18 months.

Any comments on this proposed scheme are very welcome.

Please e-mail your views to Nick Clemens at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..