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Looking to the future for East Horsley

Vision33 is an exciting initiative by East Horsley Parish Council to look ahead fifteen years or so to see how our village might look for the next generation. With our Neighbourhood Plan and the Guildford Local Plan both adopted, we are now turning our attention to specific aspects of the village that could be improved.

The parish council has published its draft Vision33 report which sets out a series of long term objectives to be pursued by East Horsley Parish Council over the next fourteen years. The report is available online with hard copies in the Horsley Library.

The objectives are grouped into three main themes:

  • The Parish Council’s operations
  • The retail centres of Station Parade & Bishopsmead Parade
  • Our local village infrastructure 

One or the first projects will be the Station Parade Refurbishment Scheme 

If you have any views, whether supportive or critical, please e-mail them to Nick Clemens, Parish Clerk This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.