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Village Conversation 22 June 2019

We are very fortunate in having a wonderful range of shops and restaurants which are used by the majority of the residents in both East and West Horsley. Your council is keen to see our shopping centres continue to prosper and serve the community. Vision 33's first project is to assess the retail areas in the village - Station Parade, Bishopsmead Parade and Effingham Junction. 

A consultation day was held by the EHPC Vision 33 Task Group in the village on 22 June 2019 to look at Station Parade (east side) and gauge reaction to different schemes featuring a number of arrangements for cars and pedestrians. We are most grateful to the many people that took time to give their opinions on the various options.

Click here for the detailed results

This is a long-term project and it may be many years before funding is available to implement any of the suggestions outlined above, but it is important to have a master plan, not just for Station Parade but also for Bishopsmead Parade and Effingham Junction. There will be many more opportunities for consultation as we develop our ideas for improving our shopping facilities.