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Guildford Borough Council Local Plan

Government legislation requires Councils to set out policies to guide future development of their boroughs and to engage the community in the strategies of a Local Plan.

The GBC Local Plan

The Guildford Local Plan strategy and sites set out the vision for the borough and the approach to development up to 2034. The plan plays an important role in shaping Guildford's future - how our towns and villages develop, protecting and enhancing our natural environment, developing our local economy, improving leisure and visitor facilities, and supporting more sustainable forms of travel.

In July 2020, GBC held a public consultation on the Local Plan Part 2 with a new document setting out their detailed Development Management Policies. This report is entitled 'Issues & Preferred Options' and presents a wide range of policies for assessing future planning applications. It sets out their scope and content but not the detailed policy drafting - that will come in a later document. 

Visit the GBC Consultation homepage.

EHPC response letter July 2020 with comments is available here.

The main public consultation took place in June 2016 with a public consultation resulting in a revised Plan which was adopted on 25 April 2019.