Task Groups

East Horsley Parish Council runs a number of Task Groups that meet monthly or quarterly to discuss matters that affect the village. These are an opportunity for residents to be involved in practical work that benefits the community. If you are interested in taking part in a particular group please contact the Parish Clerk for more information.

Climate Change

Catherine Young (Chair) 

The group comprises representatives from parishes around East Horsley who work together to educate and encourage residents to mitigate their everyday impact on climate change. They also work to support measures arising out of Guildford Borough’s designated ‘climate emergency’.


Steve Harvey (Chair)

The group ensures that the Parish Council keeps in touch with the village by providing Council updates as well as other news and events. They produce a quarterly Newsletter, maintain the website and post on social media.


Steve Punshon (Chair)

The group monitors local footpaths, bridleways, and the woodlands as well as the meadows owned by the Parish Council. They organise working parties to assist in the maintenance of The Forest alongside The Drift (with Surrey Wildlife Trust and our warden, Brian Austin) and Great Ridings Wood at the top of Effingham Common (with The Woodland Trust). Harry Eve is the warden of Wellington Meadow and organises working parties to maintain the meadow’s flora and fauna. 


Steve Harvey (Chair)

The group organises major events in East Horsley and works closely with West Horsley Parish Council on projects such as the Horsley Big Day Out and the West Horsley Fete. They also organise the Annual Parish Meeting and the Chairman’s Thank You event.


Holly Haling (Chair)

This group entails the Parish Council working in association with several residents, local associations, and West Horsley Parish Council. Their main focus is on youth and creating an environment where the younger people in the village feel valued and antisocial behaviour is discouraged.


Stephen Groom (Chair)

The group aims to improve the experience of using Horsley and Effingham Junction stations, including their environment, accessibility and facilities. In this way, both stations can become more of an amenity for the communities they serve rather than just points of access to railway services. 

Road Safety & Maintenance 

Andrew Franklin (Chair)

The Group is the focal point for raising all road-related matters that require attention in the village. They meet regularly with representatives of Surrey Highways to review these issues and as far as possible secure improvement and change.

Village Appearance

Aileen Aitcheson (Chair)

The group discusses issues facing the village and improvements required. They monitor litter, leaves, boards, benches, lampposts, planters and liaise with the Road Safety & Maintenance Task Group regarding signage, potholes and drainage. They work closely with our village warden, Malcolm Hyatt.

Horsley Heritage

Robert Taylor (Chair)

The group consisting of both East and West Horsley Parish Councils, focusses on heritage issues. The two main areas of activity are to establish a secure archive for the permanent storage of items of local historical interest and to support the conservation of existing heritage assets.