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Business Guide Terms & Conditions

  1. Local businesses can promote their goods or services by booking an entry (“Entry”) in the hard copy quarterly East Horsley Parish Council (“EHPC”) Newsletter currently entitled “” (“Newsletter”) and on the EHPC website at “” (“Website”).
  2. Entries will appear in the form of a classified listing (“Business Guide”), so Entry content must be limited to the business name, postal address, email address, telephone number and website address of the business booking the Entry (“Business”).
  3. When booking their Entries Businesses will also be required to indicate which of the listed business sectors they wish to appear in and the Entry will then appear in that section of the Business Guide.
  4. Entry bookings can be made by either (1) completing and submitting an “Order Form” online using the online booking process on the Website or (2) completing an Order Form off line by either downloading and printing the Order Form available on the Website or obtaining one by contacting EHPC at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  5. The minimum Entry booking is for as many Newsletter issues as are due to be published from payment for the Entry up to and including publication of the Winter issue.
  6. Entries will also be included in the Business Guide page of the Website for the same period that the Entry appears in the Newsletter. For example an Entry booked for four Newsletter issues will appear on the Website from the date of publication of the first of the four booked Newsletter issues until the day before the fourth Newsletter issue is superseded by a new Newsletter issue.
  7. Entry bookings for Businesses which are in the vicinity of the parishes of East and West Horsley will be given priority.
  8. For a first Entry of a booking to appear in a Newsletter issue, EHPC must have received at least 7 days before the issue is printed (1) a fully completed Order Form (2) satisfactory Entry content and (3) payment in full for the booking by bank transfer to the EHPC bank account specified in the Order Form. Forthcoming Newsletter printing dates are available on enquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Once the Order Form has been completed and submitted and payment made, no refunds can be given. This includes cancelling subsequent Entry publications, mid-term.
  9. Proofs will not be issued, and it is the responsibility of a Business to ensure that the information on the Order Form is correct prior to submission.
  10. EHPC reserves the right to refuse Entries at their discretion, and if refused will arrange for repayment.
  11. It is the Business’s responsibility to inform EHPC if they wish to run their entry again after the first entries they booked. The Order Form procedure and deadlines specified in clause 8 above will apply.
  12. Although every effort is made to produce a successful promotional medium, EHPC gives no guarantee of the level of response to any Entries.
  13. EHPC reserves the right to cancel or postpone the publication of any Newsletter issue without liability to Businesses. The Entry will still appear in four Newsletter issues and there will be a pro rata extension of the period during which the Entry appears on the Website.
  14. EHPC reserves the right to remove any Entry from publication without repayment of Entry fees if either EHPC receives complaints about the Business from residents or the Business is reasonably considered by EHPC in its absolute discretion to be operating a fraudulent or unprofessional business
  15. A Business shall fully indemnify EHPC in respect of any loss, damage, expense, legal costs or any liability whatsoever incurred by EHPC as a result of publishing an Entry for that Business in conformity with a completed Order Form.