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Railway Task Group



Uniquely in England, East Horsley parish hosts not one, but two railway stations

To help give our stations the TLC they deserve, in 2019 East Horsley Parish Council founded its Railway Task Group (RTG).

We are arranged into three groups as follows:

  • Railway Task Group Steering Committee
  • Friends of Effingham Junction Station
  • Friends of Horsley Station

JOIN US! There’s always plenty on so more willing pairs of hands are always needed. If you would like to join us in making a real difference at our stations now and for future generations, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our mission statement
To improve the experience of using Horsley and Effingham Junction stations, including their environment, accessibility and facilities. In this way, both stations can become more of an amenity for the communities they serve rather than just points of access to railway services. Also, through enabling direct community involvement in shaping how rail users can interact with the stations, engendering a sense of “ownership” and pride amongst not only the adoption teams but also the wider communities that the teams represent.

EHPC Council Member

Cllr Andrew Franklin

ehpc andrew franklin

Some other members:

  • Co-Leads of the Railway Task Group Steering Committee: Stephen Groom and Alan Gilbertson
  • West Horsley Parish Councillors Mel Beynon and Peter Colborne- Baber
  • Co Lead of the Friends of Effingham Junction Station: Martha Jessop
  • Effingham Residents’ Association Chair Vivien White
  • Local flora and fauna experts Brian Austin and Harry Eve
  • Local garden design expert Fiona Stephenson
  • Former East Horsley Parish Councillor Olaf Karlsen