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What East Horsley Parish Council does

Megafone implying official voice of the village

Provides an official voice for the village

EHPC acts as the official voice of the village, dealing with bodies such as Guildford Borough Council, Surrey County Council, Police, medical services, Surrey Highways, Network Rail, etc, to try and ensure an effective delivery of their services across the village.

Submits planning representations

EHPC is a Statutory Consultee on planning applications in East Horsley. Our fortnightly planning committee reviews and comments on all new planning applications, planning policies (such as the GBC Local Plan), license applications and considers every planning appeal, to try and ensure new developments are in keeping with local character or make a positive contribution to the village

East Horsley Planning Committee
Building Kingston Meadows Skatepark

Develops new village facilities

In recent years EHPC has initiated and contributed funding to a range of new facilities in the village such as the Multi-use Games Area (MUGA), the skatepark and the new public lavatory funded and maintained by EHPC in Kingston Meadow. In 2017 a bench and signage along with a tamper proof gate were installed at Wellington Meadow. 

Supports road safety initiatives

EHPC supports our local Speedwatch Group and Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS) team, who place the speed advisory signs around the village, paid for a new speed platform in Ockham Road South and regularly liaises with Surrey Highways to assess road safety priorities across the village.

Speedwatch volunteers
East Horsley Christmas Lights

Enhances village appearance

EHPC checks signposts, arranges footpath clearances, cleans up road signs, monitors the condition of pavements and funds the installation of new ‘street furniture’ such as the recently-installed commemorative bench in Station Parade. During the Christmas season EHPC pays for the installation of decorative lights and Christmas trees in the village centres.

Conserves local green spaces

EHPC owns three green spaces - Great Ridings Wood, The Forest and Wellington Meadow - all managed for community benefit and supported by regular volunteer work parties orchestrated by EHPC.

Wellington Meadow East Horsley
East Horsley Village Warden

Employs a village warden

In June 2018 a village warden was hired by EHPC to carry out minor maintenance and repair work in public areas across the village – work often given low priority by our cash-strapped local authorities. An example is the cutting back of overgrown vegetation on the pavement of Ockham Road North, increasing the effective width and improving its safety.

Provides grants to local organisations

EHPC provides discretionary grants to local organisations and charities. Recent examples include contributing to a fire safety alarm for the Raleigh School, funding graveyard maintenance at St Martin’s Church and making a donation to Surrey Air Ambulance.

St Martin's Church East Horsley
East Horsley's Arts Festival 2018

Organises village events

EHPC organises a bi-annual Arts Festival on Kingston Meadow, an annual Volunteers’ Party for those helping with EHPC community projects (such as the twice-a-year Litter Pick), and the Annual Parish Meeting in May to which all residents of the village are invited.

Provides a focus for communication

Through its active website, quarterly newsletter, three public notice boards and regular e-mails to residents, EHPC offers a focal point for communications, enabling local groups to publicise their activities and local residents to keep in touch with the latest developments in the village.

Front cover of Parish Council Newsletter